Box of Frogs is a five piece party band based in Cranbrook Kent.  Covers from 1960’s to present day mixed in a blender and set on juicy!  Kinks to Kaiser Chiefs, Monkees to Madness it’s all mixed in there.


It’s taken a while but we’ve finally got the website up and running again.  Hope you didn’t miss us too much?

We are back with a bang and have a number of private and public gigs lined up across the summer.  Our set list will also be undergoing some changes as we stick to our New Year’s resolution of adding more varied tunes to our playlist.

Party, Party, Party

What a great 50th birthday party at the Newenden Inn with a fantastic crowd that were up for dancing all night. It was a corker!

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So What’s Next?

After much thought and head-scratching the Frogs will be carrying on.  Thankfully our good friend Toby Mileham has stepped in to help us maintain that a great 5-piece sound 

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Time For Change

After 10 years with the Frogs and over 100+ gigs with the band, Matt has decided to give up the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and do something more

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