Time For Change

After 10 years with the Frogs and over 100+ gigs with the band, Matt has decided to give up the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and do something more sensible with his free time.  We are obviously devastated and have taken some time out for counselling – we’ve all had the overwhelming desire to sing Adele songs!    

As one of our lead vocalists, Matt  delivered such energy and passion over such a wide range of songs, always trying to get the most out of the audience and making sure the Frogs had fun.  He certainly made a number of the Box of Frogs songs his own.

Hopefully Matt isn’t going to give up completely and you may find him lurking around an open mic night somewhere.  Matt now joins the prestigious line of honorary Frogs but as the Eagles said “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”.

We’ll miss you Matt but “The show must go on“.