The Young Ones!

It’s great to be asked to play at a 21st birthday party but we did have to double-check that we’d been booked for the right gig!  The girls were absolutely adamant that they wanted us to play – having heard us play at a local 50th.  The “young ones” certainly made it easy for us.  Right from the start everyone was up and dancing and was good to see how many people new the words to some of the older songs.  Dancing In The Moonlight was a particular fave.   

Great speeches and celebrations throughout the evening.  Sure enough the live music had to end at some point (especially after 3.5hours of playing) but not before the local Facebook chat page had us playing at a local rave!   As Madness say “Oh what fun we had”   Not sure what time the party finished but it was still rockin’ when us old Frogs left at about 1.30am – home for a cup of tea and bed.  The fun definitely outweighed the aches and pains the next day.    

Having found a gold ring in a gig case later we also managed to re-unite it with it’s owner.  Now that’s what you call service!